Creepy Crawlies

What is it about reptiles that make me scream like a baby? Wall geckos, lizards and frogs are top of the list. Some part of me knows that they can’t harm me. But I don’t want to find out if that theory is true. Out of my numerous encounters with various reptiles, here’s one that left me a bit shaken.

One rainy night I came home late from work and was about to settle down to a nice well deserved sleep at about 12 am, when I notice a pair of big beady eyes staring at me from under the sofa. On closer inspection it was a frog. Let’s just say I didn’t hold back the scream. I jumped up in bed, all traces of sleep gone, as if on cue, the frog hopped from its hiding place heading further into my room.

I grabbed a long-handled broom and from the safety of my bed proceeded to forcefully encourage it towards the door. There was no way I was going to sleep with a live frog freely hopping about my room. After what felt like hours, the frog finally agreed to be pushed out the door. Phew!


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