The Day I Fought Off a Chicken

One nice evening, I decide to take a walk and go visit my friend in the neighbourhood. I hesitate when I see a hen and a cock on the path up ahead, but there are no alternative routes so I bravely stay on the path, just as I am about to pass the duo, the hen runs across my path.

Now, I am one of those people who is afraid of chickens, I don’t understand what they’re thinking and don’t trust them. They seem unsure of themselves, not able to make up their minds whether people are a threat or not. Do not ask me to catch a chicken, I’ll just run around pretending that I actually plan on catching it, while what I’m actually doing is keeping a safe distance while the other people involved in the chase have plenty opportunity to catch the chicken.

I’m a few metres from my friends house thinking all is well with the world and maybe my phobia for chickens is unfounded when something tells me to turn around and there I see the cock charging at me full speed.

Turning to face the chicken, I tell myself I’d rather go down fighting than be mauled in the back. The chicken flies up trying to claw at me and I kick the air with my feet. I am in fight mode, it’s survival of the most determined. From the corner of my eye, I notice the neighbourhood people watching on in amusement, no one coming to my aid, I am their evening’s entertainment. The epic battle between man and beast rages on, did I say beast, sorry, I meant chicken.

An old man comes to my rescue, he has some tree branches that he was hauling home, and uses them to scare off the cock. With gratitude in my heart, I hastily make my way to my friends house. My phobia for chickens even more firmly rooted, no one could say anymore that my fears are unfounded.



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